M.I.A's Paper Planes Is The New Meme In Town, Y'all

All I wanna do is be up on the latest memes before the normies destroy them.

Hi team.

You guys love memes, right? We love memes, too.

Recently, we've noticed that M.I.A's 2007 bop "Paper Planes", which you may remember from the soundtracks to Slumdog Millionaire or Pineapple Express, has been taking off (ha ha ha get it? Like a plane!) as a meme on Twitter.

Basically, people are taking the chorus (All I wanna do is / gunshot sound / gunshot sound / gunshot sound / gunshot sound /and a / gun clicking / cash register sound / and a take your money) to express their very deepest desires.

Here are some of our faves.

Anyway, you probably have the song in your head now, so here it is.

Feature image: Getty Images