PRAISE RIHSUS: Rihanna Has Two Albums In The Works

That Rihanna reign just won't let up!

From launching Fenty Beauty, to her very own lingerie line, to starring in Ocean's 8, Rihanna has been -- as always -- incredibly busy this year.

Today, however, there's good news for those of us who have been patiently awaiting new music from RIHsus herself, as Rolling Stone have reported that Rih is not only working on one new album, but TWO.

Yes folks. That's right.

According to eight sources involved in the project who spoke to Rolling Stone, our queen of multi-tasking has been quietly working on the project for the past 18 months.

One of the albums will be jam-packed full of pop-bops, and the other will be a dancehall album "devoted to exploring the singer’s Caribbean roots".

A whole album full of bops like "Work", "Man Down" and "You Da One"?! Count us TF in!!!

One of the producers who spoke to Rolling Stone also noted that they've had "500 records" submitted for consideration for the album, so we'll be hearing the very best of the best from an absolutely massive pool of tracks.

“They’re only choosing 10 records. They’ve been having writing camps and trying to keep them quiet for almost a year and a half now. I’ve been flying to Miami, flying to L.A., cutting records nonstop for this project," the anonymous producer added.

Another producer revealed that we may still hear the other tracks submitted for Rih's albums, because other music labels have been reaching out, looking to get a hold of RiRi's scraps for their own artists.

They explained: “If an artist like Rihanna comes out and does [an album influenced by Jamaican pop], that’s definitely going to shift the needle.”


Needless to say, Rihanna's diehard fanbase -- the Rihanna Navy -- has devolved into utter stan-demonium.

Brace yourselves fam, the RIHturn is coming.

Feature image: Getty Images