Watch Ed Sheeran Write Songs In His New Doco Songwriter!

The doco was filmed over 10 years and is a collaborative work between Ed and his cousin Murray Cummings.

We love a title that tells us exactly what we're in for!

Titanic? The Titanic is in it! Mean Girls? Yep, there are mean girls in it! Alien? It's about an alien!!!

Today, Ed Sheeran released the trailer for his new documentary titled Songwriter and, would you believe, you get to see his songwriting process!

Inviting fans along to experience Ed's journey to fame, there's home video footage of Ed as a kid, partaking in high school music classes, and all the way through to the recording of his latest album Divide and subsequent stadium concerts.

Filmed over 10 years as a collaborative work between Ed and his filmmaker cousin Murray Cummings, the doco is set to  be released by Apple Music on August 28 and offers a glimpse into the "Shape of You" hitmaker's ~process~.

“I guess this is the first time on-camera you’re gonna see a song being written, so make sure you get all of it,” Ed says in the trailer.

Promising to show us how "sounds become songs", the trailer shows glimpses of how a song goes from "jam session to writing session to become a song, and the thing that people sing back to [Ed] at gigs".

“I just have a weird sense it’s gonna be the career-defining album,” Ed says of Divide. “All the songs have a thread that go through it and it’s all family.”

“The album… it’s the peak of my songwriting and ability,” he shares, adding that “the last two albums were building up to something.”

Oh, and remember that Titanic reference we just made up there?

Ed made one in the doco, too.

Our hearts will go on.

Feature image: Getty Images