Get Ready To One, Two Step, Because Ciara Is BACK

"My comeback on 100!"

Whether you've been keeping up with Ciara over the years, or whether you think of Rihanna's most iconic clapback when you hear the name Ciara these days, we're here to tell you today that Ciara is BACK, baby!

Since she stepped out onto the scene with the very iconic "1, 2 Step", Ciara's been serving us dance moves for the ages, the video for her new song "Level Up" is no different:

The song is jam-packed full of empowering-AF lyrics about overcoming life's hurdles, expelling toxicity from your life, landing on your feet, and doing better than ever before. It also doesn't hurt that the beat f**king slaps.

It's basically the perfect song, for the club, for the gym, or for like... trying to finish a really hard level of Spyro the Dragon.

Also? This Entrapment-eqsue choreo got us like:

Welcome back, Ci! We'll see you when you book that stage!

Feature image: YouTube