Ariana Grande Straddles Earth, Fingers Tornado In New Video For 'God Is A Woman'

And people are SCREAMING.

Less than 12 hours after releasing the lyric video for the official second single from her upcoming album Sweetener, "God Is A Woman," on July 12 -- which sent fans into a FRENZY btw -- Ariana Grande has blessed us with the music video, and it is iconic.

If you have not already please kindly join the 4.9 million others -- and counting -- who have already viewed this masterpiece.

Back with us? Found your wig after it flew the heck off? Great.

You're no doubt feeling emotionally/physically/spiritually shooketh, just like loyal Arianators everywhere.

Ahead of the release of what we're hailing as the Best Music Video Of The Year, the newly engaged singer addressed her "fellow goddesses," saying that she hoped GIAW would become their "anthem."

Yes, sis, it has.

Why? GIAW is not only a killer bop but a powerful statement.

The video is chock-full of glorious feminine -- and feminist -- symbolism, from Ari is astride the earth, pleasuring a tornado, to the closing frames that depict her as Adam in Michelangelo's titular biblical fresco.

Each and every motif in GIAW -- including the title itself -- claps back against an oppressive, aggressive patriarchy that often seeks to reduce women, Ariana included, to their most basic forms.

But Ari isn't here to play up to your gender-normative roles, world. She's wild, she's free, she's sexual, she's dominant. She is god, and we are here for it.

She's far more interested in smashing glass ceilings -- and tearing up the charts.

Speaking of which, the tune is already kicking absolute butt on the iTunes charts, debuting at number one.

Get it, girl.

Feature image: Twitter/@arianagrande and YouTube/ArianaGrande.