The UK Is Using Green Day's American Idiot To Troll Trump

The campaign’s official slogan: “Make American Idiot Great Again.”

The UK loves to let their collective voice be heard via a mass trolling of the pop charts.

Back in 2009, couple Jon and Tracy Morter launched a mass protest of the "monotony" of Simon Cowell's X-Factor winners snagging the Christmas number one.

The movement was a huge success, and Rage Against The Machine's 1991 track "Killing In The Name" was 2009's Christmas chart topper, which industry experts called "possibly the greatest chart upset ever".

Now, the UK has once again taken to the charts to make their feelings, mass-purchasing Green Day's 2004 single "American Idiot" in the hopes of getting it to number one just in time for President Donald Trump's visit.

With Trump scheduled to land in the UK on Friday the 13th, the campaign is well on its way to success. The song is currently number one on Amazon, number 18 on the official charts, and has hit the iTunes top 10, also.

“Let’s give him the welcome he deserves,” said the campaigns social media accounts. “We’re doing this for the amusement as it WILL annoy him.”

Although the band has yet to offer an official comment on the campaign, the band's bassist Michael Pritchard -- aka Mike Dirnt -- offered his support on Twitter back in April.

Green Day have been vocal about their position on Trump, chanting  “No Trump/ No KKK/ No fascist USA!” during their 2016 American Music Awards performance, which took place on November 20, mere weeks after Trump won the election.

Frontman Bille Joe Armstrong has also criticised Trump supporters in the past, calling them "ignorant fucks" and telling them to "go to hell".

As for Trump's thoughts, well, he hasn't commented yet, but way back in 2010 he saw musical adaptation of Green Day's American Idiot album and loved it, so, who knows???? !     ?

One more thing, while we're on the topic of American idiots, the Washington Post accidentally incorrectly attributed a whole bunch of made up Billie Joe Armstrong quotes to the Green Day singer, citing a 2017 Clickhole article as their source -- you know, the site that satirises BuzzFeed articles?

The Post has now updated their article with the following statement:

Editor’s note: A previous version of this report included information about the meaning of “American Idiot” that was attributed to a article. is a satire site. The information has been removed from the story.

... Lol.

Feature image: Getty Images