Brandy: Forget the boy, the SONG is mine

The 20-year-old Brandy vs Monica feud is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you've tuned into the radio some time in the last two decades, you've probably caught a few spins of the certified bop "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica, after all, it spent a whopping 13 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in 1998.

Now, it's 20 years later, so you'd think that any bad blood between these two would have passed by now, but if we've learned anything from years of following celeb gossip, it's that pettiness lives forever.

What we have here today is a video of Brandy performing an Essence Fest event in New Orleans over the weekend, in which she changed the final refrain of "The Boy Is Mine" to say "the song is mine".

Of course, given that this is a 20-year battle of wills, it's not the first time the duo have dragged one another. In fact, it allegedly all started back when they were first filming the video for "The Boy Is Mine".

In the scene where the duo face off, there's a part where Brandy puts her hand in Monica's face to dismiss her, a gesture Monica hated so much she asked for it to be removed from the final cut. When it wasn't removed, Monica physically assaulted Brandy.

In 2012, the singers buried the hatchet for a time, releasing the "sequel" to "The Boy Is Mine" and dismissing the physical altercation and past beef as "a misunderstanding". For a hot second, the pair were friends and there was peace.

Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before the two fell out once again.

The two have also feuded over Whitney Houston (??     ?            ??) and which singer was closer to the late pop icon (Brandy says it was Brandy!!!), and by the time Brandy performed at the Soul Train Awards in 2016, she was swapping out the lyrics of her song "Talk About Our Love" in order to drag her former friend on national television.

“It’s always something, talking ish again,” Brandy sang. “Then your whole fan base jumps in, and now the whole ‘Gram’s buzzing.”

So who DOES the song belong to, you ask? The answer is... both of them?

“The Boy Is Mine” was released as a joint single, and appeared on Brandy’s second studio album Never Say Never, before being released as the lead single from Monica's sophomore album -- literally titled The Boy Is Mine -- the month after Brandy's album dropped.

So, it's a mess, but we love a dumb feud that lives forever and has no real-world repercussions, so carry on, ladies.

Feature image: Getty Images