Fans Cheer As Beyonce Is Forced To Climb A Ladder In Heels

Beyoncé hates ladders and honestly, same.

It's not often Beyoncé has anything in common with, well, commoners. In fact, it's easy to assume that someone as accomplished and iconic Beyoncé is simply not burdened with the same fears and dislikes as the rest of us mere peasants. That is, until today.

Today, friends, we learned from this video that Beyoncé -- like so many of us -- f**king hates ladders, and we can all feel a kinship with King Bey that comes with the irrefutable proof that she is actually a human rather than an untouchable, celestial being. Ain't life wild?!

Currently touring with hubby Jay-Z, the duo were closing out the On The Run II show in Warsaw, Poland, when the floating stage they were on failed to bring them back down to earth.

In fan videos, you can see Beyoncé talking to multiple crew members, seemingly trying to find a way off the floating stage that didn't include walking down a ladder in thigh-high stilettos. Sis, SAME!!!

Unfortunately for us, that's where the similarities end, as it's highly unlikely that people cheer your name while you're being forced into doing something you don't want to do, and although it would be very nice, you've more than likely never had a Polish fan offer the kind encouragement of screaming "YOU CAN DO THISSSSS!" as you descend a ladder.

We bet somebody in Warsaw is getting fired, hey hey.