Donald Glover Performed An Impromptu Rendition Of This is America At The BET Awards


While hosting the BET Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles, Jamie Foxx made a special point of celebrating Donald Glover, bringing him onstage to wow the crowd with an impromptu, a cappella rendition of his timely hit "This is America".

Calling Glover a "singer, songwriter, philanthropist, movie star, [and] overall badass", Foxx joked that Glover was a younger, better looking version of himself, but with a real hairline.

Of "This is America" -- which is performed under Glover's rap alias Childish Gambino -- Foxx told the audience: "It stopped me in my tracks. The song was amazing, the message was amazing."

He went on to say: "Everybody begged me to do a joke about that song. I said, 'that song should not be joked about.'"

Foxx then persuaded Glover to join him onstage, coaxing the star's alter ego into performing an a cappella snippet of the song.

While the impromptu performance was effortlessly cool and had the crowd bopping along, viewers at home were quick to note that Glover seemed... less than excited to be pulled into a random performance.