Jennifer Lawrence 'Peed Herself' When Josh Hutcherson Played A Prank On Her

Josh Hutcherson has revealed that his 'Hunger Games' co-star Jennifer Lawrence once "peed herself" when he played a cheeky prank on her.

The pair, who starred together in the Hunger Games movie series, regularly pulled pranks one another, until one joke pulled by Hutcherson left co-star Lawrence “terrified”.

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Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson starred in 'The Hunger Games'. Image: Getty

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, the actor spilled the hilarious anecdote, saying:

"My pranking days are behind me now but, unfortunately, when we were shooting The Hunger Games there was a very realistic life-size human recreation of one of the characters who had been stung by tracker jackers [giant wasps]," he said.

"We put it in the bathroom in Jen's trailer and waited to see what happened. She actually peed herself. Terrified."

It's actually not the first time the quirky star has had bathroom troubles on set. In 2016, JLaw explained in an interview with BBC‘s Greg James that her X-Men costume made going to the toilet a tad difficult, resulting in her having to pee in a funnel.

“I can’t sit down, so I have to pee out of like a funnel, and I just can never get it right. There is no way to do it and not drip on yourself,” she said.

“That’s why we stay away from Jennifer,” co-star James McAvoy joked.

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