VFX Artists Hit Back At Rebel Wilson's Oscar Gag

The 'Cat's star's surprise costume change may have been a highlight of the ceremony for some, but Hollywood's Visual Effects Society are hitting back.

On Monday's Academy Awards telecast, Rebel Wilson and James Corden appeared on stage in costume as their 'Cats' characters, Jennyanydots and Bustopher Jones.

Appearing onstage in slapdash makeup and batting the microphone as if it was a cat's toy, the pair joked, "As cast members of the motion picture 'Cats', nobody more than us understands the importance of good visual effects."

There to present the award for Outstanding Visual Effects to Guillaume Rocheron, Greg Butler and Dominic Tuohy for their work on the film '1917', the pair made light of their universally panned movie musical.



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92nd Annual Academy Awards - Show
It was a highlight of the ceremony for some, but many felt the joke was a little too catty. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

But not everyone was laughing, and in a statement, the Visual Effects Society of Hollywood called out the joke saying, "In presenting the Academy Award for outstanding visual effects, the producers chose to make visual effects the punchline and suggested that bad VFX were to blame for the poor performance of the movie 'Cats'.

"The best visual effects in the world will not compensate for a story told badly."

'Cats' was one of the worst-reviewed films last year, hitting cinemas in late 2019,  and continued to baffle audiences well into 2020. The film is estimated to have made around $72 million globally, despite a budget of $95 million.



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The statement continued saying, "On a night that is all about honouring the work of talented artists, it is immensely disappointing that The Academy made visual effects the butt of a joke.

"Our artists, technicians and innovators deserve respect for their remarkable contributions to filmed entertainment, and should not be presented as the all-too-convenient scapegoat in service for a laugh."

This isn't the first that time either star has mocked their roles in the flop film. While presenting at the 2020 BAFTAs, Rebel explained her gown saying, "I made this dress by sewing two old dresses together".



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EE British Academy Film Awards 2020 - VIP Arrivals
Rebel Wilson's two-dresses dress at the BAFTAs. Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images.

"The red is from that one time I didn't win Miss Australia and the black is from a funeral I just went to for the feature film 'Cats'."

Similarly, when a tweet went viral showing James Corden filming his Carpool Karaoke segment, revealing he wasn't driving the car and it was being pulled by a trailer, he made a brilliant response.

In it, Corden said: "I'm just shocked I've done something that upset people more than 'Cats', right?"

Neither actor has responded to the VFX society's statement -- perhaps 'Cats' got their tongue.

Feature image: Getty Images.