Unprecedented Move Sees 'Cats' Movie Resupplied To Cinemas With 'Improved Visuals'

In what could possibly be a first, Tom Hooper's box office flop and critical punching bag 'Cats' has reportedly been resupplied to cinemas.

According to several reports, Universal Studios sent notices to theatres saying they would be receiving an updated version of the film, featuring "some improved visual effects".

The new version will not change the runtime of the film.

It's just another chapter in the already ridiculous history of Hooper's adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical.



'Cats' Is A Cats-Tastrophe, It's A-Paw-Ling, And I Loved It

I can't tell you the exact number of times I've seen 'Cats', but it is too many.

As 'The Hollywood Reporter' points out, the decision to resupply a finished feature is completely unheard of.

According to industry insiders, the new version of the film is being supplied at the request of Hooper who told the crowd at the world premiere screening that he was still working on the film that afternoon.

According to 'Variety's Caroline Framke, there's an easy way to check if you're watching the updated version of the film: checking Dame Judi Dench's hands.



'What The Hell Do They Know?': Jason Derulo Hits Back At 'Cats' Critics

The reviews for Tom Hooper's movie musical 'Cats' are rolling in and they are anything but kind.

An absolute critical failure, 'Cats' currently sits at 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes with reviews ranging from 'terrible' to 'a complete and utter artistic failure'.

Meanwhile, Hooper spoke to 'Business Insider' about the film's apparent political message. According to the director the film details "the perils of tribalism".

"[It] is a reflection on today’s political scene," Hooper said of a film where Idris Elba plays a magic cat that traps Rebel Wilson on a barge, which she is able to escape by stripping her cat skin off to reveal a sequined jazz vest.

"Both in the UK and the US the tribalism of cultural discourse and politics is making it harder and harder for acts of kindness across the divide," Hooper added about a film where Taylor Swift inspires a cat orgy by emptying a martini shaker full of catnip onto the writhing ensemble.

'Cats' opens in cinemas across Australia on Boxing Day.

Feature image: Universal Pictures.