Taylor Swift's Dad Inspired A Scene In 'Cats' Because This Movie Couldn't Get Any Weirder

Ahead of the world premiere of 'CATS', the movie musical that has the entire world's attention, Taylor Swift revealed how her dad inspired a 'crazy' scene.

According to Swift, the film's director Tom Hooper had flown to Nashville to show her a bit of a demo of the digital fur technology used to turn the performers into cats.

As you probably know by this point as James Corden eloquently described the film -- "These are people, but they’re cats."

Apparently, Swift told 'Variety', her dad is constantly piping up during meetings and while Hooper was showing off what the cast would look like as cats he offered his own idea.

"Dad just pipes up and says, 'Hey I got an idea. What if you had a scene where they are all at the Jellicle Ball and they all get catnipped so they all just start going crazy?'"



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Apparently the Oscar-winning director wasn't familiar with the concept of catnip, so the Swift family happily queued up a handful of videos of cats going nuts on the stuff.

"Tom looks at Dad and goes, 'That’s going to be in the movie. That’s exactly what we’re going to do,'" Swift revealed.

"So my dad walks around going, ‘Hey, I’m the reason there’s catnip in the scene'."

The trailer shows a brief snippet of Swift -- wearing bejewelled kitten heels even though she's a person but also a cat -- sprinkling catnip on her co-stars below.



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We can't wait to see how this all works out.

'CATS' hits cinemas across Australia on Boxing Day.