'I'm Getting Older, Man!': Channing Tatum Stays Mum About 'Magic Mike' Live Cameo

If you hear the raunchy sounds of Ginuwine's "Pony" playing softly in the distance today, you can guarantee it's coming from the stereos of some very excited 'Magic Mike' fans.

Channing Tatum announced the good news in Melbourne today -- with the help of some shirtless, denim-clad hunks -- that he's bringing his 'dance and acrobatic spectacular' Downunder.

The film's creator and star stopped by 'The Project' to explain why he wanted to bring his stage "baby" to Australia and replied to the question on everyone's lips about whether he'd dust off his leather chaps for a surprise appearance.

"If I'm ever in that kind of shape again, I will but I don't know if that's ever going to happen again. You should see some of the guys in the show, it's a full-time job what they look like," he explained, skirting around the question.

"And, I don't know, I'm getting older, man," Tatum said, adding that, "this body doesn't do the same things it used to!"

Image: Network 10.

Tatum explained in a statement released earlier today that the stage show sort of acts like the third film in a 'Magic Mike' trilogy.

It’s the evolution of our favourite ideas that we began to explore in the films. We imagined a world where all women were empowered to ask for more…more from men, from sex, from entertainment…from everything. We imagined a world where sexuality was celebrated as art.

'Magic Mike Live' will head to Melbourne and Sydney in 2020 after some hugely successful runs in Las Vegas (naturally), as well as London and Berlin.

But Tatum promised us that this whole time, he's been dreaming of getting that sweaty, grinding choreography to stages in Australia.

"From the first moment we thought up 'Magic Mike Live', we always dreamt of bringing it to Australia," he wrote in the statement.

Meet your cast of 'Magic Mike Live Australia' HUNKS! Image: Supplied.

"The movies did so amazingly here, we knew we had to figure out how to raise our game. It took a few years for it to all come together but … man … did it come together. We have something planned for Australia that is going to blow your minds."

You can scramble for tickets to the Melbourne and Sydney shows over on the 'Magic Mike Live' website. 

Main Image: Network 10.