E.T. And Elliott Have Returned After 37 Years, But Don't Get Too Excited

E.T. is one of the only classic films of the last few decades that hasn't been given the reboot treatment -- until now.

Someone in Hollywood decided it was time to dust off the scaly extraterrestrial costume and reunite the friendly alien with a grown-up Elliott (actor Henry Thomas) for the first time since 1982.

But before you get your hopes up in anticipation of a sequel that would show which planet E.T. was phoning home to -- we have to warn you that a feature film, or even TV series, isn't in the works.

The iconic screen duo joined forces once again in the name of... advertising.

E.T. after finding out he's been missing out on the World Wide Web. Image: YouTube.

The four-minute clip released on YouTube shows E.T. landing in a snowy garden, where he meets the confused offspring of a now middle-aged Elliott, who runs outside when he hears his name called.

"You came back!" he exclaims to his old pal, before quickly catching him up on all the latest technology E.T. missed out on during his nearly four-decade absence from Earth -- the Internet! Virtual reality goggles! Smart TVs you can bark orders at!



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E.T. obviously doesn't care about any of those mod-cons because he's an ALIEN with much cooler powers, and he promptly tells Elliott that he's missing his family, again.

The way you look at your old friend when they introduce you to on-demand streaming. Image: YouTube.

The film's heartwarming flying bicycle ending is re-created with Elliott's kids  -- and several more cutaways to iPads -- and we're all given a touching reminder to 'reconnect with family over the holidays' by the cable company responsible for this no doubt very costly project that premiered at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It's a ploy reminiscent of that time in 2014 when a 'Seinfeld' reunion was being teased, only to be revealed as a short Superbowl commercial for 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' featuring Seinfeld and Jason Alexander.

Although we might complain about the classics being taken over by advertising, a five-minute spot usually means that a full reunion or reboot treatment isn't in the works -- and that's a win in itself.

Main Image: YouTube.