The Best Reacts To Scorsese's Longest (And Most Expensive) Film, 'The Irishman'

Netflix has dropped Martin Scorsese's newest film, 'The Irishman' -- a star-studded crime drama featuring Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci.

The film -- based on the killing of Detroit union leader and crime boss Jimmy Hoffa -- debuted in cinemas in the United States and has now hit the global streaming platform, the first time the legendary director has released one of his works in this way.

'The Irishman' has helped Scorsese chalk up more than a few records with the film becoming his longest, at three and half hours, and most expensive project, at $159 million USD.

Besides paying the salaries of the heavy-hitting cast members, the budget was also spent on some very fancy anti-aging software, because the film is so long the characters are hanging around from the 1950s right up the mid-'70s.

Predictably, Scorsese fans (and some detractors) have a lot to say about the Oscar-winning director's latest masterpiece from the length, to the questionable special effects, to Anna Paquin's lack of speaking lines, to the director's recent snub of Marvel movies.

There have also been plenty of digs at the fact that the film industry (ahem, Steven Spielberg) has been pushing back against streaming services' ability to enter films in the Academy Awards, believing that real cinema is to be enjoyed in a theatre, not on a tiny screen.

'The Irishman' is now showing in select Australian cinemas, and is streaming on Netflix. 

Main Image: Netflix.