'I Lie All The Time!': Helen Mirren And Ian McKellen Reveal Who Is The Bigger Con Artist

Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen have revealed who is the most deceptive of the pair.

Waleed Aly sat down with the acting legends to chat about their upcoming crime thriller, 'The Good Liar' and wanted to know who was the most skilled at telling fibs.

"Let's get down to business, which one of you is the better liar?" Waleed asked the duo in London for 'The Project'.

"Well, it must be Helen because I don't lie," the 'Lord of The Rings' actor deadpanned as his co-star chuckled.

Image: Network 10.

"I, on the other hand, lie all the time," Mirren replied with a smile, further confusing everyone, including Waleed.

The silver screen stars then unpacked the question in a rather philosophical way, explaining that lying is one of the innate qualities shared by humans.



Ian McKellen Has Gone Full Method For New Film, May Have Eaten Cat Food

Sir Ian McKellen has revealed the extraordinary lengths he's gone to while getting into character for the new 'Cats' film.

"Human beings are very good at not being themselves," McKellen said, which is excellent news seeing as he'll be playing Gus the Theatre Cat in, yep, 'Cats' which is out later this year.

'The Good Liar' hits Australian cinemas on December 5. 

Main Image: Network 10.