Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum Returning For 'Jurassic World 3'

Life, uh, finds three original cast members.

Huge news for dino-disaster film lovers everywhere: during a fan screening of 'Jurassic World' at the Arclight cinema in Los Angeles, director Colin Trevorrow announced the massive casting news.

Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum will all be reprising their roles from the 1993 classic 'Jurassic Park' in his upcoming 'Jurassic World 3'.

The trio starred in 'Jurassic Park' as Dr Ian Malcolm (Goldblum), Dr Alan Grant (Neill) and Dr Ellie Sattler (Dern), with Goldblum returning for 'The Lost World' in 1997 and Neill and Dern in 'Jurassic Park III' in 2001.

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Some of you may roll your eyes considering Goldblum's return to 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' saw his character Dr Malcom show up for what felt like three whole seconds in a court-room scene that was completely separate from the film's main action.

According to Collider -- who hosted the screening Trevorrow appeared at -- the director promised Goldblum, Dern and Neill would have 'sizable roles'.

The plot details of 'Jurassic World 3' are still under wraps, however, it's pretty safe to assume it will deal with the fallout of 'Fallen Kingdom' which ended with a whole stack of dinosaurs leaving their island home and heading toward society.

Recently Trevorrow also released a short, 'Battle at Big Rock', which also featured the culture clash between man and their new dinosaur neighbours.

Trevorrow is returning to direct 'Jurassic World 3' which he has co-written with Emily Carmichael based off a story he and his writing partner Derek Connolly created.

'Jurassic World 3' is currently slated for release in June 2021.

Featured image: Universal Pictures.