Rebel Wilson Loves That The 'Cats' Trailer Haunts You In Your Sleep

When the first 'Cats' trailer dropped the internet went into full meltdown, but for one of the stars of the movie that was the purrfect response.

While those of us exposed to the trailer now live in fear that our phones will ring and a haunting voice will purr "seven days", or we'll wake up to find one of the cast of 'Cats' curled at the end of our bed like a CGI sleep paralysis demon, the star of the film 'loved' the response.

The film boasts a massive ensemble cast, including but not limited to Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo and Rebel Wilson.

Days before the trailer, a behind-the-scenes video released showing the massive spectacle of the film where, as Corden put it, everyone is people but they are also cats.

As all our faces melted off in response to the terrifying 'digital fur technology', it appears Rebel Wilson took all of that in her stride.

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Speaking to 'Cosmopolitan', the actor called the response "pretty massive", which is also a way you could describe the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.

"There’s some people who were like 'Oh my God' because it is brand-new technology that’s CGI," Rebel said. "I think people get confused because it’s essentially a dance movie in a lot of ways."

Yes, that's probably what it was, not the horrific way in which human eyes seemed to float unanchored on the cat-like faces of the actors as they gleefully sang along to Andrew Lloyd Webber's songs.

"It really is all our own bodies," Rebel continued, "And yes, they’re covered in fur.

"I think some people found it a bit creepy ’cause we’re people but we look a bit like cats dancing around."

This is the second time a cast member of the movie 'Cats' has mentioned that the actors are people, but they are also cats.

On the reaction to the trailer itself, Rebel said:

"I loved the reaction. I think it was a bit polarising and people will be super curious to see the finished product. What you got in that trailer was just some small samples of it, but it’s going to be such a big movie. And the cast is obviously incredible."

Rebel was also asked about her co-star Taylor Swift who stars as Bombalurina, a character that doesn't feature in the original stage production but is notable because she is a cat who wears shoes. She is a person, but -- again we cannot stress this enough -- also a cat.

While the pair may star in the film together, Rebel said they didn't much talk about relationships or dating.

"She’s in a pretty committed relationship now, so it didn’t really come up," Rebel said.

"More that came up was us pretending to be cats and the challenges with that. That was more what we talked about."

Because it's a movie where they're cats, but they're also people.

'Cats' will hit cinemas on Boxing Day.

Featured image: Universal.