Lost Photo Emerges Of Heath Ledger In Chicken Shop Ad With Michael Caton

A heart-warming photo of the late Heath Ledger on set for a fast-food commercial years before he became a Hollywood mega-star has emerged.

The never-before-seen picture was taken in 1996 and provided to 10 daily by Paula Jane Hamilton, a makeup artist working on commercials in Perth at the time.

It features Paula, legendary Australian actor Michael Caton and Perth boy-turned-movie star Heath Ledger in a uniform for Chicken Treat -- a popular fast food store with locations in Western Australia and Queensland.

Picture: Supplied

"I was spring cleaning my office and found this polaroid from an old Chicken Treat commercial I did with Aussie acting legend Michael Caton and a very young Heath Ledger," Paula said.

Paula worked with Ledger a number of times before he left Australia, and told 10 daily he was “always so sweet.”

In 2000, Paula followed her dream and moved to Los Angeles where she and Ledger crossed paths again.

Paula worked with Ledger a number of times before he left Australia. Image: AAP

"I bumped into him years later at a store in Beverly Hills – he gave me a warm hug," she said.

From Ledger’s charisma and warmth, Paula knew he was destined to make it in Hollywood.

“He had such passion in his eyes," she said.

“He had that ‘it’ factor you can’t really explain.”

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Sadly, on January 22, 2008, 28-year-old Ledger died due to accidental intoxication from prescription drugs.

Heath Ledger on the set of The Dark Knight. Image: AAP

Like millions across the world, Paula was heartbroken when she heard of Ledger’s death.

“I was so upset and heartbroken – I cried a few tears," she said.

“He was really on the verge of so much more.”

If you’re searching for the original Chicken Treat commercial, it's not clear if it ever aired -- Paula said she didn't think it made it to TV, but we tracked down what appears to be a snippet of the commercial.

10 daily has contacted Chicken Treat for comment.