A Chaotic Discussion With Tiffany Haddish And Kevin Hart About Koalas And STDs

Sitting down to chat to Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart ahead of the Australian premiere of 'The Secret Life of Pets 2', Kevin was FaceTiming his wife Eniko. "No, I didn't read your text, I'm working!"

As Kevin's wife Eniko began to respond, Kevin interjected.

"I just told you I'm working and then you go into another half of the conversation," he said, half-joking.

As Eniko asked him why he called her if he was working, Tiffany chimed in. "Tell him, girl! He be doin' this shit all day!"

"Why you got to embarrass me at the junket like this?!" Kevin exclaimed, mostly to Eniko, who was putting him in his place. "Why can't you just make it look like I'm in control?! I'm around all these people! They think I'm a big deal and then they find out my wife talk to me all crazy like this!"

Assuming a false bravado, he continued. "All right, and that's what I said it's gonna BE!" before quietly adding "all right, I love you, bye!"

Addressing the room, he added: "and that's how we handle shit around here!"

We need a Daisy and Snowball spin-off. Photo: Universal.

Getting our interview on track, we pitched our idea for 'The Secret Life of Pets 3: A Daisy and Snowball Spin-off', where they solve crimes down under, getting some kangaroos and koalas in the mix.

"I've been thinking the same thing!!!" Tiffany exclaimed. "Yeah! Yes! But the koalas have STDs here, so we don't get too close to them."

Well, reader, the conversation quickly devolved from there.

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As we suggested koalas from interstate, where they don't have chlamydia, Tiffany asked if we were absolutely sure that they would be STD-free.

"Look, I'd have to fact check," we replied.

"Look, I'm not gonna look," Tiffany replied. "I'm the same way with dudes -- if I'm not sure he don't have something, I don't play with that! Just check! Make sure! They got that home STD testing kits, where you can like 'lemme swab your mouth, let's see if this turns blue'."

Veering sharply away from the whole koalas with chlamydia storyline, Kevin said he has grander plans for Snowball.

"When you talk about the Snowball and Daisy spin-off, the first thing that comes into my head is 'no.' I'm not interested. I feel like Snowball is about to go into the real, real, real big leagues. They're talking about that live animation around people, where he's the only animated character."

"Like, 'Who Framed Snowball?' Like 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'?" interjected Tiffany.

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Kevin continued: "Where he is in his career, he's thinking just more about, how does he position himself to be taken serious. So he's looking for a more serious role," he explained, as they both cracked up.

"He wants to do a dramatic feature!" Tiffany added, laughing.

"A dramatic, animated feature, after this particular movie," Kevin agreed, mentioning 'The Notebook'. "He's in discussions for a lot right now so we'll see where it goes, but I'm excited for what's next in his career."

"What's the movie with Michael Douglas where he's cheating on his wife?" Tiffany asked.

"'Fatal Attraction' or 'Basic Instinct'," Kevin replied. "Snowball needs something like that! Snowball just wants to be in a movie where he can say 'BITCH!!! You heard what I said!!!'"

"And then he get boiled!" Tiffany added, both of them laughing. "Because they kill the rabbit!"

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"No, jokes! Listen," said Kevin, bringing it back. "Of course, Snowball and Daisy is a match made in heaven. This whole world that we've created with 'Pets' and this life that they're living outside of their owners is one that can go on and on, but what I really love is the camaraderie that we all have.

"I love that within this movie all of the adventures and the stories that are happening brings all of these pets together at the ending. At the end, it's one for all and all for one, which is always a good message to have. See how I just wrapped that on a serious note for you?"

'The Secret Life Of Pets: 2' hits cinemas on June 7. 

Main Photo: Network 10.