New Netflix Horror 'The Perfection' Making Viewers Physically Sick

Netflix's new horror film is dividing viewers and critics, but one thing they can all agree upon is feeling nauseated while watching certain scenes.

'The Perfection' stars 'Get Out's Allison Williams as Charlotte, a woman who was a cellist until her mother became sick and she had to leave a prestigious conservatory for young girls to tend her.

Years later she finds herself at a cello event run by the man who owns and runs the conservatory where she runs into Lizzie (Logan Browning) another of the conservatory's students.

Initially, it's almost as if the film is about to become a tale of battling cellists (that classic story) vying for the spotlight but ultimately 'The Perfection' is full of unexpected twists -- many of which are quite gory.

The following will touch on a few light spoilers for 'The Perfection'.

New Netflix Horror 'The Perfection' Making Viewers Physically Sick
Williams and Browning star in 'The Perfection' on Netflix. Photo: Supplied.

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Partway through the film, Lizzie becomes sick with some kind of mania that sees her losing control of her bowels, vomiting piles of maggots and ultimately needing to chop off her own hand which has become infested with bugs.

Later there's a gruesome fight sequence between several characters where knives go through arms and characters are left bloodied and disfigured.

While not everything is as it seems in 'The Perfection', viewers are still having strong reactions -- especially right after dinner. Many have commented on social media that the film left them nauseated or wanting to be sick.

The film is dividing fans and critics, with some panning the way the film deals with rape, abuse and violence and others celebrating what they're calling a new rape-revenge thriller of the #MeToo age.

'The Perfection' is now streaming on Netflix. Just... maybe don't watch it while you're eating.

Featured image: Supplied.