Sacha Baron Cohen Says Pamela Anderson And Kid Rock Broke Up Over 'Borat'

Sacha Baron Cohen's 2006 film 'Borat' was undoubtedly a big success -- but it didn't work out so well for Pamela Anderson.

In fact, Sascha Baron Cohen -- who played titular character Borat -- has said that it was Anderson's famous 'kidnapping' scene that resulted in the dissolution of her to Kid Rock.

Basically, the scene in question features Borat turning up to a meet-and-greet fan signing session at a Virgin Megastore in an attempt to make the 'Baywatch' star his wife back in Kazakhstan, culminating in Cohen 'kidnapping' the actress -- a move that Anderson was in on.

"We did that scene twice, actually,” Baron Cohen said to The Daily Beast. “The first time we did it at a book signing and I grabbed her over my shoulder and ran out with her and no one did anything. I was like, what kind of fans are these?”

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The second time around, he said he accidentally “clipped her jaw” while trying to pick her up. He added that the star “lost two things” that day -- “One, she lost a tiny bit of bone from her jaw,” he explained, “and secondly, she lost a husband.”

Apparently, the muso wasn't happy about his wife's appearance in the mockumentary, and the pair filed for a divorce weeks after the film's release in November 2006.

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According to reports, following a screening of the movie at the home of then-president of Universal Pictures Ron Meyer, Kid Rock “started screaming at Pam, saying she had humiliated herself and telling her, ‘You're nothing but a whore! You're a slut! How could you do that movie?’”

Baron Cohen added that he texted Anderson following the public argument, asking, “How did it go? What did he think?” She texted back that they were getting divorced. When he asked her why, she replied, “The movie”.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock in 2006. Image: Getty

"I thought it was a joke but then a few weeks later they got divorced and they put as a reason for divorce: Borat,” Baron Cohen added. He then joked: “I think they were a fantastic couple, so it’s a shame. Much better than Julian Assange or whoever she dated later on.”

Baron Cohen also revealed that Pammy was the only person who had prior knowledge of her skit in the film. “She was the only person in on that movie, yes,” he said about the star's inclusion in the film. “Otherwise, it would have been kidnapping.”

Image: 20th Century Fox