'Looks Like Toxic Feminism To Me': Deleted 'Captain Marvel' Scene Causes Outrage

Folks are lashing out over the billion-dollar superhero flick due to a scene that didn't even make it in the finished film.

Following its massive theatrical release, 'Captain Marvel' starring Brie Larson is heading for its digital and home ent release which means Marvel has been slowly releasing deleted and extended scenes.

Sounds awesome, right? The film was pretty well received, so there should absolutely be no issue with a female-led superhero film, right?

In one scene posted to USA Today's Twitter, Carol Danvers is aggressively chatted to by a man played by Robert Kazinsky, before he tells her to "smile more".

The tweet referred to it as Larson "taking on toxic masculinity", which immediately set off alarm bells in the heads of many, many people online.

The responses to the clip have been as level-headed as you would expect, with many deciding that because Danvers stands up for herself, she's a villain.

Interestingly, in a clip that shows the kind of pervasive toxic masculinity many women face each day, the response has been to blame Danvers for her response, rather than any kind of meditation on how women are treated day-to-day.

The response is also interesting when you think about how often the trope of superheroes stealing vehicles and clothing occurs in these films -- and never once were the men branded "villains" or slammed for these actions.

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Marvel's CEO Kevin Feige also pointed out before 'Captain Marvel's release that the film was nodding to a handful of 90's action classics including 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' where Schwarzenegger walks into a bar telling a biker, "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle".

Strangely, the T-800 never got the same kind of backlash from the exact same group of dudes who are so hurt by a strong female character who won't pander to male nonsense.

As for Kazinsky, who was tagged in the original tweet, he definitely had a fun surprise waiting for him the next time he opened the Twitter app.

Featured image: Marvel.