Billie Lourd Will Share Scenes With Late Mum Carrie Fisher In New 'Star Wars' Movie

We're going to need all the tissues for this.

Director J.J. Abrams has confirmed that late actress Carrie Fisher and her real-life daughter, Billie Lourd, will “share” an emotional scene in the upcoming 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'.

Editing footage of the star -- who died in December 2016 -- from 'The Force Awakens' and 'The Last Jedi', Abrams will complete her character General Leia’s story.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Abrams explained how he put Leia into the film and the discussion he had with Lourd about the process.

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"It’s hard to even talk about it without sounding like I’m being some kind of cosmic spiritual goofball,” Abrams told the publication, adding, “but it felt like we suddenly had found the impossible answer to the impossible question.”

He added that filming, understandably, proved difficult for Lourd.

“She would get emotional and sort of have to excuse herself for a minute,” he said. “I know it was hard for her for a while.”

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Lourd will again appear in the film as Lt. Connix, whom, at first, Abrams said he deliberately wrote out of Leia scenes to spare Lourd any pain. However, Lourd insisted on her mother's iconic character being included, telling him, “I want to be in scenes with her. I want it for my children when I have kids. I want them to see.”

“And so, there are moments where they’re talking; there are moments where they’re touching,” Abrams said. “There are moments in this movie where Carrie is there, and I really do feel there is an element of the uncanny, spiritual, you know, classic Carrie, that it would have happened this way, because somehow it worked. And I never thought it would.”

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' will be released in Australian cinemas December 19th, 2019.

Image: Disney