Anjelica Huston Reveals She Nearly Took Kathy Bates' Iconic Role In 'Misery'

Anjelica Huston has explained why she turned down the starring role in the 1990 psychological horror, 'Misery'.

Huston appeared on Andy Cohen's 'Watch What Happens Live' -- along with Ru Paul Charles -- and chatted to a fan who called in to ask if the rumours were true, and she had really rejected the 'Misery' script, an adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

"That is true, I did turn down that part," she told the fan but revealed it was because she fell in love with 'The Grifters', a film she starred in alongside John Cusack and Annette Bening.

"She won the Academy Award though!" Huston said of Kathy Bates' chilling performance in 'Misery', adding that she was nominated against Bates in the same Oscars category.

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Imagine though, it could have been Anjelica imprisoning a poor writer in a cabin and forcing him to write manuscript after manuscript!

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Huston also explained exactly what it feels like to have your face on screen as a nominee who doesn't get named as an Academy Award winner.

"Well, first of all, when you lose, the immediate thing is, 'Oh, thank god!'" said Huston.

"And then you have to sit through the show and you get progressively more irritated with the fact you haven't won," she added.

At least Huston got to play another psychopathic screen legend the same year that 'Misery' was released, the iconic Grand High Witch in the adaptation of Roald Dahl's 'Witches'.

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Main Image: YouTube/Columbia Pictures.