It's Been 15 Years Since 'Mean Girls' Was Released, Here Are All The Lessons We've Learned

Is butter really a carb?

Nearly two decades on, the love for Mean Girls still lives on through the instantly recognisable quotes and comedic quips that are still totally relevant to our everyday lives.

Not only that, but the 2004 comedy also catapulted the careers of its main cast, with Amanda Seyfried and Rachel McAdams now bona fide Hollywood starlets who went on to star in blockbusters like Dear John and The Notebook, respectively.

The high-school teen flick, which was written by yet another icon, Tina Fey,  has since become so ingrained in the pop culture vernacular that diehard fans of the film celebrate a dedicated Mean Girls day on October 3rd.

The film also spurned a Broadway musical, and was even recreated in Ariana Grande's music video for 'thank u next' -- which also happened to star the Mean Girls' regulation hottie himself, Aaron Samuels -- uh, we mean Jonathan Bennett.

So in celebration of 15 years of Mean Girls, join us as we cozy up with some cheese fries and Taco Bell (unless you're on an all-carb diet, of course) as we reflect on 15 lessons we learned from the Plastics and the rest of the crew from North Shore High School.

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Confidence is key

Just like when Cady, Janis and Damien failed to sabotage queen bee Regina George by cutting holes into her tank top, we learned that even if you aren't confident in yourself (or your suddenly-nippleless outfit), if you pretend like you DGAF and just rock it, then it's pretty likely that no one else will give a sh*t either.

If you have sex, you will get pregnant and die

Look, he may have been exaggerating in order to stop a school full of horny teens from banging one another, but Coach Carr was technically correct in that sex CAN cause pregnancy, and everyone does die eventually. So there you go!!!

The undisputed rules of fashion

The golden rules bestowed upon us include *clears throat*...

  • Don't wear a tank top two days in a row
  • You can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week
  • On Wednesdays we wear pink
  • You can only wear jeans or track pants on Friday
  • Never buy a skirt without consulting your girlfriends first.

Ex-boyfriends are just off-limits to friends

That's just, like, the rules of feminism (unless of course your friends DGAF). Plus that kind of sitch just seems WAY too messy to be worth it. As they say, chicks before d*cks, sisters before misters, hoes before bros, fries before guys, etc etc.

You do you!

As a wise man named Kevin G once told Cady Herron, "Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang." Basically, it means you shouldn't waste your time stressing over what other people think of you -- if something makes you happy and you're not hurting anyone, then you do you, boo!

When in doubt, get creative

When Cady and the Plastics performed at the winter talent show and their radio broke (and by broke we mean Gretchen accidentally kicked it into Jason's face), Cady's quick thinking saves the day when she begins singing, the whole room ends up jamming out to “Jingle Bell Rock”. The lesson here is that if you're stuck in a sticky sitch, with some creative thinking you might be able to wing (or sing, lol) your way out of it.

Some things will just never happen

Especially if your name is Gretchen Wieners.

Being a hater doesn't make you better than anyone else

Instead of picking out other's flaws -- which just screams insecurity -- focus on yourself. It can be hard to not lash out at others when you're going through your own problems, but it certainly doesn't make things better to say hurtful things to other people, in fact, it'll probably just make you feel way worse in the end.

Stop being so critical of yourself

The infamous scene in which each of the Plastics talks about what feature they hate most about themselves, sadly, rings true to most teens (and adults) IRL. Like these four (very beautiful) girls, often the things that you're most critical about within yourself go completely unnoticed by other people. Rather than stress over things you can't change, focus on what you love about yourself!

Never trust Swedish meal replacement bars

Or, rather, just remember that when a wrapper reads, "Gå upp i vikt" it means "to bulk up / gain weight" in Swedish. Those sneaky Swedes...

Stop slut-shaming other women

Support the sisterhood! You don't get anywhere in life by putting others down, and as Miss Norbury (Tina Fey) said: "you have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores." Amen, girl!

Aaron Samuels' hair looks sexy pushed back

Let's be real, Regina was right -- it really does.

Never dumb yourself down for a guy (or anyone else)

Miss Norbury -- ever the pillar of logic and wisdom -- put it best when she said: "You don't have to dumb yourself down in order for a guy to like you." And just like we saw when Cady purposely began failing maths to get the attention of mega hottie Aaron Samuels, it generally backfires. Plus, intelligence is hot, and if someone doesn't like you for just how you are, they're probably a dud anyway.

Check both ways before crossing the street

Mum was right -- ALWAYS look both ways before crossing the street, or you could end up heading to your prom wearing a giant back brace.

Or dead, you could also end up dead.

There's a 30% chance it's already raining

We know this because Karen is kinda psychic. She has a fifth sense. It's like she has ESPN or something. Her breasts can always tell when it's going to rain.

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