Toasted TV Tests Zach Galifianakis' Knowledge On Aussie Animals

Toasted TV jetted over to LA to chat with Zoe Saldana and Zach Galifianakis -- voice stars of the animation film 'Missing Link.'

In celebration of the flick, Toasted TV host Ollie Mac hit up LA to chat to the stars about everything from how good Tim Tams taste, to testing out their knowledge of Aussie animals.

The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis voices the titular character, Mr. Link, an 8-foot tall creature covered in fur who recruits a fearless explorer by the name of Sir Lionel Frost (voiced by our very own Hugh Jackman) to guide him on a journey to find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La.

Since he's playing the role of a mysterious creature, Ollie decided to test Galifianakis' knowledge on Australia's own mysterious creatures -- but there's one catch, he has to guess which of three animals is made up.

Yowies may not be a real animal, but they make delicious chocolate. Image: 10

The first animal described was "6-foot 11, like a bear but not a bear," while Ollie described the second animal as "a meat-eating version of a koala, where if you walk under a tree it drops out of the tree onto your face."

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Watch out for those drop bears! Image: 10

Clearly concerned about these supposed blood-thirsty koalas, a shocked Zach asked, "It eats your face?!"

Ollie exclaimed, "It has, it's taken Aussies faces!"

He continued, "Then there's one that has a beak like a duck, but it's covered in fur and has a beaver tail. It has a beaver body with a duck face."

"So, which of these animals are fake?" Ollie asked.

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"A duck's beak with a beaver tail". Image: 10

Zach, thinking he totally had it in the bag, decided that the third animal HAD to be made up, but of course, as all us Aussies know -- that's just a platypus!

"Are you kidding?!" a baffled Ollie asked.

"I was envisaging this duck thing as.. really tall!" Zach replied.

And for all those playing at home -- the first made-up animal was a Yowie, while the second was the legendary drop bear.

You can check out the full interview and Ollie's adventures in LA on Toasted TV.

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