Donald Glover And Rihanna's Film Is Coming To YouTube This Weekend

The mysteries of 'Guava Island' are finally going to be revealed.

Donald Glover's top secret project with Rihanna is set to drop this weekend at Coachella -- but luckily, fans of the dream duo don't need tickets to the Californian festival to catch the premiere.

YouTube has revealed that everyone with a working internet connection can watch Guava Island from the comfort of their couches, because it's going to air on the Coachella live stream, Billboard reports.

Ads for the project have been popping up online and IRL, teasing the April 13 release date, but fans are still unsure whether Guava Island will be a feature film or a visual album in the same vein as  Beyoncé's Lemonade. 

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What we do know is that the project was shot in Cuba and has been helmed by Hiro Murai, a frequent collaborator of Glover's who directed the majority of Atlanta and Childish Gambino's "This Is America".

Black Panther's Letitia Wright is also reportedly starring in the film alongside Donald and Rihanna, but the actor has remained tight-lipped about her involvement.

"I can't tell you anything," she mysteriously told The Hollywood Reporter.

"I don’t even know ... what is Guava Island? I have no clue. I don’t know anything. I don't even know where they got my name from!" she said.

Guava Island will hit the Coachella YouTube live stream on Saturday, April 13. 

Main Image: Instagram.