Matthew McConaughey Accidentally Smoked Weed With Snoop Dogg

Matthew McConaughey and Snopp Dogg are set to star together in 'The Beach Bum.'

The film stars Matthew McConaughey as Moondog, a writer and a stoner who lives life according to his own rules --  and according to the pair, there was a bit of method acting involved -- unbeknownst to Matthew.

Appearing together on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, Matthew regaled the host with a story about the pair's first day on set together, in which they shot an eight-minute scene where his character headed to Lingerie's house (Snoop's character) and smoked joints together.

“I talked to the prop guy on set. ‘Look I got my prop joints,’ which are oregano,” McConaughey said.

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“I talked to Snoop. I said, ‘These are my prop joints, oregano,’ ’cause I know I’m gonna be pulling. He said, ‘Yeah, yeah. I got that, I got that.’ So we go to do the scene and it’s about an eight-minute take, it was a long take if you’re passing a joint back and forth and you’re smoking hardcore to the heels of your feet," he said, adding, "So the scene goes on and right after the scene I just feel like, man, I’m not sure of this prop...”

That’s when Dogg said, "Yo, Moondog. That wasn’t prop weed, that was Snoop weed.”

Soon enough, the actor was hit with the effects of the drug.

“I didn’t say another word of English, really for, the rest of the night,” McConaughey said. “You said I rapped a lot,” Matthew said to Snoop, who replied, “You rapped for 13 hours straight!”

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“We made about seven songs that was for real,” Dogg added, “and he was so high for the whole rest of the movie we kept touching back on those songs.”

A Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey collab is absolutely something we had no idea we needed in our lives, until now.

The Beach Bum stars Matthew McConaughey, Isla Fisher, Stefania LaVie Owen, Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence, Jonah Hill and Jimmy Buffett, and will be released this year.

Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live