A High School Staged A Play Of 'Alien' And Went Viral

A school drama club decided to put on a stage version of Ridley Scott's 'Alien', and it has blown up the internet.

While most high schools are doing gender-swapped Romeo and Juliet or gender-swapped Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet but set in the future and also gender-swapped, the kids at this high school had a different idea of what would make solid stage entertainment.

The North Bergen High School Drama Club, in the American state of New Jersey, put on an incredible version of the 1979 sci-fi horror Alien, and the unique choice has gone viral.

Not only did they put together the costumes, sets and adapt the screenplay themselves, but they also put together a trailer to promote the production.

They obviously weren't expecting such a massive online reception.

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According to one Twitter user, the entire production was created with recycled materials -- which not only makes it look incredibly kickass BUT is also just a good example of what you can do with some spare egg cartons lying around.

Perfecto Cuervo, the school's drama teacher, told Entertainment Weekly he  spent two months adapting the screenplay into a stage-friendly production simply because he's a huge fan of the original.

"We’re a real small drama program, so we’re used to doing small plays for the local community," Cuervo said following the massive viral attention across Twitter, Reddit and Imgur.

That attention only boomed when celebrities like Mythbusters' Adam Savage and Elijah Wood began responding to the pictures and short clips released on social media.

The official Alien Twitter account also shared some of the love, celebrating 40 years since the first film was released with a new generation putting their own stamp on the franchise.

Cuervo also revealed that he isn't even a full-time drama teacher and North Bergen doesn't have an official drama department --fil he's an English teacher who shares his passion for classic movies with his students.

Featured image: Twitter @oh_pollo.