Jordan Peele's 'Us' Just Smashed A Horror Film Record At The Box Office

Jordan Peele's latest horror film has already made history with a strong opening at cinemas in the US.

The highly-anticipated follow up to Get Out was released in cinemas just a few days ago but has already set a new record for the best-ever opening for an original horror film, Variety reports

The film starring Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke raked in a whopping $US 70 million on its first weekend, charging past the former record holder A Quiet Place -- which opened at $50 million. It also surpassed Ted ($US33 million) to become the best debut for an R-rated film.

Impressively, Us more than doubled the first-weekend takings of Get Out ($US33 million), with the film flying under the radar for a while there, until everyone realised that Peele had written one of the most brilliant horror films of all time.

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“Put simply, Jordan Peele is a genius,” said Universal's Jim Orr in a statement to Variety.

“He’s managed to tap into something that the domestic box office can’t get enough of. People can’t wait to see what he does next.”

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We asked Peele if he felt any pressure after releasing the critically acclaimed Get Out in 2017, which won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay last year.

"I've been told a lot, the past couple of years, that there's a lot of pressure," he told Maude Garrett.

"So yes, I've felt a certain amount of pressure, but I make my favourite film I've never seen, that doesn't exist and that's the real reward," Peele explained.

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Us opens in Australia this Thursday, March 28 which means we still have a few days of avoiding all the spoilers floating around online.

Peele retweeted an announcement to anyone considering giving away the ending -- with a warning that spoilers will be reported as "abusive content".

Main Image: Universal Pictures.