Fans Are Very Confused By The Live-Action ‘Dora The Explorer’ Posters

The first glimpse of the 'Dora The Explorer' live-action film is here.

But the adaptation from the successful cartoon series based on a seven-year-old Latina girl and her best friend -- Boots the monkey -- has raised a few questions from fans on Twitter.

The new poster shows 17-year-old actor Isabela Moner as teenaged Dora, staring out at an ancient-looking 'Lost City Of Gold' with her trusty backpack and Boots on her shoulder.

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But fans of the original series -- which aired on Nickelodeon between 2000 and 2014 -- are up in arms about some aspects of the new film.

The movie's tagline -- 'Explorer Is Her Middle Name' -- has been a real sore point for Dora fans.

And they're also extremely confused that -- instead of an episode of Dora -- the film looks more like a Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones/Road To El Dorado mashup.

The poster also revealed that tough guy Danny Trejo, who is known for his roles in Machete, Breaking Bad and Sons Of Anarchy, will be voicing Boots the monkey. Which has befuddled fans, but also has them applauding the inspired casting decision.

The film will also feature Eva Longoria as Dora's mother, Benicio del Toro as the voice of Swiper the fox and Pia Miller as Dora's aunt Mami.

Main Image: Paramount.