Jordan Peele And Lupita Nyong'o Talk To Us About 'Us'

Maude Garrett sat down to talk to the Oscar winners for 'The Project' ahead of the Australian release of 'Us'.

After the enormous critical and commercial success of Get Out -- which won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay last year and made more than $250 million worldwide -- Jordan Peele is back.

Asked whether he feels pressure to reach the same success of Get Out with his second feature, Us, Jordan laughed.

"I've been told a lot, the past couple of years, that there's a lot of pressure," he said. "So yes, I've felt a certain amount of pressure, but I make my favourite film I've never seen, that doesn't exist and that's the real reward."

And although the director tweeted the other day that "Us is a horror movie", Jordan said he hopes the new flick will get people talking.

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"I wanted to definitely leave a certain element of the audience emotionally feeling... let's just say, 'ready to discuss'," he shared.

Speaking to Lupita, meanwhile, Maude got the scoop on what the actress would pack in her zombie survival kit.

"That's a very good question. I have these coffee table books that would probably be very good weapons," Lupita mused, before pulling the power flex of the century. "Probably, my Academy Award would be a great weapon! I'm definitely taking Mr. Oscar into a zombie apocalypse."

If you've got it, take it into the apocalypse with you? Why not!

The Project airs 6.30pm Sunday - Friday. Us opens in Australian cinemas March 14.

Feature image: Getty Images