Fyre Festival Merch Is Being Auctioned To Pay Back Billy McFarland's Scam Victims

Proceeds from the merch will contribute towards the $26 million that Billy McFarland owes to various investors following the failed festival.

The ongoing fallout from the specular sh*tshow that was Fyre Festival continues, with the latest news being that the Feds investigating the case have found a unique way to pay back money to those who were cheated out of their hard-earned cash by McFarland.

According to Vulture, the official merch will be sold off at an online auction (date TBC), with scam victims getting a percentage of the sales “based on their respective losses,” prosecutors say.

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“We have an assortment of the ‘real thing’ Fyre Festival-branded tee-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands and medallions,” a spokesman for the United States Marshals Service’s Manhattan office said in an email, adding, “We know that there is tremendous interest in these items in the NY metro area in particular.”

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Last October, 27-year-old McFarland was sentenced to six years jail for orchestrating the scam, as well as running a ticket hustle while awaiting to be sentencing for Fyre.

According to the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office, McFarland scammed Fyre investors out of a whopping $24 million and a ticket vendor out of about $2 million.

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While the fraudster has been ordered to repay the money, it has since been revealed that “the United States has not been able to locate, obtain or collect additional assets traceable to the proceeds of the defendant’s fraud offence,” according to court papers.

Billy McFarland and Ja Rule. Image: Getty

“The USMS will dispose (or sell) the Fyre merchandise in the most efficient, cost-effective way in the best interests of the U.S. Government,” he also told the publication. “We utilise our contracted partners to handle the marketing and sale and it will be an online auction.”

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“Our objective always is to get the funds back to the victims as fast as we can in cases where there are victims,” the Marshals also said.

If there are any t-shirts featured Bottled Water Guy -- aka Andy King -- we'll take five, thanks!

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