Devon Sawa Had A Spooky 'Final Destination' Moment On His Flight

The 'Final Destination' star noticed something a little freaky when he looked at his plane ticket.

And no, it wasn't as terrifying as anything that goes down in the early '00s horror franchise that we're still having nightmares about.

It was the kind of spooky coincidence that involved numbers, dates and the concept of air travel. But still!

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Devon Sawa -- who played the sixth survivor of the plane crash in the original Final Destination film, Alex Browning -- told his Twitter followers that, after a recent journey, he'd done a few mental calculations and was very alarmed by the results.

"Final Destination came out 20 years today ... I'm on flight 317...3/17? March 17th?!! What the fu..." he wrote.

Chrissy Teigen piped up to note that she too was shocked by the coincidence, and by the passing of time, in general.

But before anyone could get too carried away with Final Destination conspiracy theories, it turned out that Teigen was right to be suspicious because the first film in the series actually came out 19 years ago, not 20.

Which shouldn't have been hard to calculate because it literally came out in 2000, one of the easiest years in recent memory to add numbers to.

"I messed up," Sawa confessed. "So it skipped me and went to the next person on the list," he said, referring to the Final Destination curse.

At least he'll be ready for next year!

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