Chris Pratt Spills On The Lego Movie 2 And Why Forrest Gump Is The Soundtrack To His Life

Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks caught up with 'The Project' ahead of the upcoming 'Lego Movie 2' premiere.

Making a return as the loveable Emmet Brickowski (along with voicing a new character, Rex Dangervest) in The Lego Movie 2, Chris Pratt and co-star Elizabeth Banks (who voices Wyldstyle) caught up with The Project to give us the rundown on the highly-anticipated follow-up to the hugely successful Lego Movie.

"One of the interesting things I didn't realise was that in order to keep a PG rating, you have to give proof a fall didn't kill someone," he told The Project correspondent Xavier Brinkman.

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Then -- demonstrating the sound of his character Emmet falling from the sky and hitting the ground -- Pratt added that upon impact, characters will usually make a sound after impact to show they're not dead.

Image: The Project.

While discussing the film's new theme song, Pratt was asked what his soundtrack would be if his life was a movie.

"The soundtrack to Forrest Gump!" Pratt replied, without missing a beat. "I'd be like that feather floating."

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Image: 10 The Project.

Meanwhile, co-star Elizabeth Banks' theme song would be a tad more sinister.

"Mine would be the Jaws soundtrack!" she laughed.

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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is in cinemas March 21.