Gal Gadot Posted A Sweet Message Of Support To Brie Larson

Gal Gadot has silenced the critics trying to pit 'Wonder Woman' and 'Captain Marvel' against each other.

Captain Marvel is the first female-led film in the Marvel Studios cinematic universe -- and has been absolutely smashing it at the box office since its release on March 8.

But the new film starring Brie Larson has led a lot of critics to size up her performance against that other female-led superhero movie, Wonder Woman. 

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The comparison between the two female-led films has been described as "sexist" and "boring" with some fans reminding trolls that they're allowed to praise one film without dumping on the other.

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But Gadot herself has now shut down the Wonder Woman/Captain Marvel trolls with a beautifully supportive message to Larson.

"I'm so happy for you sister! Congrats" she wrote on Instagram, alongside an illustrated picture of Dianna Prince and Carol Danvers arm in arm.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins also voiced her support for the Captain Marvel team, reminding everyone that's its really not a competition.

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