Netflix Announces Royal Baby Is On The Way For 'Christmas Prince 3'

This brings a whole new meaning to the baby's crowning.

Yep, it's really happening, Netflix's surprisingly popular Christmas Prince series is adding another bundle of joy to the family.

The series began back in 2017 with the original Christmas Prince, a film which was described as "cozy trash" and "garbage, but you'll love it anyway". It was as if, somehow, Netflix broke into the offices of Lifetime and Hallmark and stole the blueprints to create their own glossy, paper-thin romance between a fumbling journalist and the prince of Aldovia.

Despite middling reviews from critics, the film was a cult-classic hit with fans, spawning the sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

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This time the film was called "overstuffed", "desperate" and "less entertaining" and, again, fans flocked to the streaming service to revel in the utterly wild adventures of Amber and Richard, the main characters, as they overcome the usual obstacles -- like uncovering a nefarious organisation known as the Glockenspiel Consortium -- and plan their perfect wedding.

Now, fans of the Citizen Kane of Netflix originals about Christmas and princes can rejoice as the streaming service announced this week a third film, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.

Yes, this holiday season Amber and Richard will be joined by a royal surprise, and we're sure it'll be full of laughter, joy and a 600-year-old-treaty that disappears threatening an ancient truce.

Okay, that last bit sounds ridiculous but according to the streaming service that's literally the plot of the third film. Richard and Amber are hosting royals from a "faraway kingdom" when the treaty goes missing, obviously putting the harmony of the two kingdoms in jeopardy and OBVIOUSLY unleashing an ancient curse. Surely they could just print a second ancient truce, but whatever.

The news was obviously met with a LOT of thoughts.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby will almost certainly be released just before Christmas, so get ready, baby.