Oscars Upset As "Worst Best Picture Winner" Slammed

'Green Book' may have taken out the biggest award of the night, but many are slamming the Academy Awards for their choice in Best Picture.

While the night kicked off with historic wins celebrating diversity and films that thoughtfully investigated race and representation, the final award of the night went to a film that has been slammed since its release.

Set in 1962, the film is a biographical comedy-drama inspired by the true story of pianist Don Shirley's tour of the deep south alongside his bodyguard Tony Vallelonga.

The film was written by Peter Farrelly, Brian Hayes Currie and Vallelonga's son, Nick.

Oscars Upset As "Worst Best Picture Winner" Slammed Green Book
The cast and crew of 'Green Book' accepting the award for Best Picture. Image: Getty Images.

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It has also faced a fair share of controversy since release. Here are the highlights:

Following a screening of the film back in November 2018, one of the film's stars Viggo Mortensen used the n-word to illustrate how far society has come from racist language.

Soon Nick Vallelonga deleted his Twitter account after Islamophobic tweets were brought to light.

Vallelonga's tweets were surfaced only soon after the film's director Peter Farrelly had to apologise for his past of sexual misconduct, including exposing himself to unsuspecting people.

All those aside, the film itself attracted criticism from Shirley's own family who believed much of the film's events were exaggerated to highlight Shirley and Vallelonga's friendship. The film's star, Mahershala Ali, issued an apology to Shirley's nephew.

Shirley's relatives also claimed the famed jazz and classical pianist had refused in the past to allow Nick Vallelonga to make a film about his life.

But on Monday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Green Book Best Picture, and the response was not good.

In a year where films like Spike Lee's BlackKklansman and Marvel's Black Panther championed black storytellers, creators, and experiences, Green Book felt wholly like a white perspective on black experiences. And it was rewarded as such.

Not only that but during the acceptance speeches for Best Picture, Shirley himself was never thanked, nor was the man who created the actual Green Book.

Peter Farrelly chose instead to dedicate the award to Viggo Mortensen.

"This whole story is about love," Farrelly said, "It's about loving each other despite our differences and finding out the truth about who we are. We're the same people."

"And this doesn't start, by the way, without Viggo Mortensen. Right there, we have no movie, all these awards are because Viggo... and Mahershala and Linda [Cardellini]"

The film's Wikipedia was hastily edited to list producers like "Sexual Harasser Peter Farrelly" and "Serial Liar and Islamaphobe Nick Vallelonga".

It truly caps off a strange journey in this year's Oscars.

Featured image: Getty Images.