Ethan Hawke -- The Biggest Mistake The Oscars Have Made This Year

With the 91st Academy Awards airing Monday, fans have questioned one major snub among this year's nominees.

As Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Willem Dafoe, Rami Malek, and Viggo Mortensen duke it out for Lead Actor at tomorrow's ceremony, people can't help but question why Ethan Hawke wasn't included in this year's Oscars round-up for his outstanding performance in First Reformed.

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Despite winning a number of accolades this awards season -- including the Indie Spirit Award for Best Male Lead for his role in First Reformed, as well as awards from New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association -- the actor failed to receive an Oscar nomination.

Also starring Amanda Seyfried, Phillip Ettinger, and Cedric Kyle, the flick follows Ernst Toller (Hawke), a reverend in a community where his minimalist sermons are mostly looked over for the nearby mega-church. After he's drawn into the lives of young couple Michael (Ettinger) and Mary (Seyfried) -- whose marriage is being torn apart due to Michael’s obsession on an apparent upcoming apocalypse -- Ernst is suddenly put on a path he never expected.

Hailed as his greatest performance, cinephiles have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration over Hawke's snub and insisting that the Academy made a "huge mistake" in overlooking the veteran actor.

While the film's director Paul Schrader is up for an award for Best Original Screenplay at the prestigious ceremony, it didn't stop the filmmaker -- who has directed iconic films such as Taxi Driver and Raging Bull -- from throwing shade at the Academy.

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“That’s a very complex question,” he explained to the Los Angeles Times when asked his feelings on his first Oscar nomination.

"If the critics had not liked my film and if the academy had not liked my film, I would still know it was a good film. So my validation is not contingent on the academy or the critics. On the other hand, it is very heartening to realize that other people acknowledged what you tried to do.”

He also revealed what he told Hawke following the snub.

"If [First Reformed] wasn’t recognised, it would also be gratifying,” Schrader said. “I just got off the phone with Ethan Hawke, and I said, ‘Ethan, you’ve won. You may not have gotten nominated, but you won. Your performance has made an impact, and never forget that.’”

Image: A24