A 'Breaking Bad' Movie Starring Aaron Paul Is Coming

A brand new 'Breaking Bad' movie is heading to Netflix.

The project was confirmed in November last year but we now have a few more details to get excited about, Variety reports.

The full-length feature set in the Breaking Bad universe will star Aaron Paul and will centre on his character Jesse Pinkman's life following the hectic aftermath of the season finale.

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The show's creator and writer Vince Gilligan is in charge again, so you can rest easy that this won't be a cheesy reboot -- it's the real deal.

But the most exciting news is the Breaking Bad film will be shared between its original network AMC and Netflix, meaning us Australians will get to watch it as soon as it's released.

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The only piece of juicy goss we don't know yet is whether Bryan Cranston could possibly pop his head back on set to whip up a batch of meth, for old time's sake.

Spoilers ahead if you haven't gotten around to watching the 2013 Breaking Bad finale -- but his character Walter White does end up meeting his demise but there's a possibility he could return via flashbacks in the new film.

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Cranston has previously said that he'd absolutely be keen to slip on his meth-lab jumpsuit again -- if there's any way he can be written back into the script.

"I don't know if there's an appearance -- flashbacks, flash forwards -- but I'm excited about it because it's Breaking Bad and it was the greatest professional period of my life and I can't wait to see all those people again, even if I just come by to visit," Cranston added.

We just want to know what happened to Hank Schrader's crystal collection, tbh.

Main Image: AMC