Will Smith's Genie Revealed In New 'Aladdin' Trailer

The trailer for Disney's live-action 'Aladdin' dropped during The Grammys and fans of the original film are a little concerned.

It was always going to be hard to follow the 1992 film's Genie -- voiced by Robin Williams -- but the CGI/live-action combo has left the magical character looking a little...terrifying.

Will Smith is pictured in the new sneak peek painted entirely blue, with a shaved head, goatee and gold jewellery.

Viewers who watched the trailer have pointed out that Smith's transformation into the beloved Disney character is less Genie and more Tobias Funke from Arrested Development. 

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Viewers have commented that Smith's Genie looks like dreamt up for a horror movie, not a Disney flick.

The new Aladdin is directed by Guy Ritchie and also stars Billy Magnussen, Naomi Scott, Mena Massoud and Marwan Kenzari and is due out in May this year.

Main Image: Disney via YouTube.