7 Hollywood A-Listers Who Have Won Both An Oscar And A Razzie

Forget people who've EGOTed with their collection of prestigious awards, it's time to talk about the OR-holders of Hollywood.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the Golden Raspberry Awards -- or Razzies -- they're a ceremony held the night before the Oscars, to celebrate (or publicly shame) the worst in cinema for the year.

Founded in 1980 by Hollywood publicist John JB Wilson, the first ~official~ ceremony took place the next year, right in his living room, and basically? The rest is history. By the fourth Razzie Awards, CNN was covering it, and this year will mark the 39th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards. Fabulous!

With a fee of just $40 for membership, it's far easier to become a member of the Razzie Academy than it is to become a voting member of the Oscars' Academy. Currently, the Razzie Academy is comprised mostly of journalists, die-hard film lovers, and various people from the industry.

Halle Berry

Oscar: Best Actress in a Leading Role, Monster's Ball
Razzie: Worst Actress, Catwoman

One of the only A-Listers who showed up to claim her prize -- a golf-ball sized, golden raspberry statue -- Halle walked onto the stage holding her Oscar, before delivering an emotional acceptance speech for her role in Catwoman.

"I mean, it's not like I ever aspired to be here!" she cried dramatically, "but THANK YOU!"

Halle went on to thank Warner Bros. for "putting [her] in a piece of sh*t, God-awful movie".

"It was just what my career needed!" she joked. "I was at the top, and Catwoman just plummeted me to the bottom, love it!"

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar: Best Actor in a Leading Role, The Revenant
Razzie: Worst Actor, The Man in the Iron Mask

Leo's Oscar-thirst was so tangible for so long that it gave us years and years of great memeable moments, but when he finally won his Oscar in 2016, he also became one of Hollywood's prestigious OR holders.

See, back in the late 90s height of Leomania, old mate was trying hard to scrub himself of his pretty boy image, which saw him follow Titanic with the flop Man in the Iron Mask, where he played twins and wore a mask a lot (a move that angered the author of this post when she forced her dad to take her to see it at the cinema when she was 12!!!). The role didn't nab him an Oscar nod, but he did win a Razzie, and that's gotta count for something, right?!

Sandra Bullock

Oscar: Best Actress in a Leading Role, The Blind Side
Razzie: Worst Actress, All About Steve

Another leading lady with a sense of humour about herself, Sandy -- or "the lady from Bird Box, as the kids are calling her nowadays -- actually managed quite a feat, winning both her Oscar and her Razzie in the same year. Yep! The very day after accepting her Razzie, Sandra took home her Oscar, making her the best and worst actress of the year. Versatile!

During her Razzies speech, she implored voters to "really watch the film", bringing a crate of All About Steve DVDs with her for the entire audience, offering to do a line-reading with them "until about 4am", or to re-consider their award, promising that if they revoked it, she'd return the award at next year's ceremony and go drink with them after the show.

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Al Pacino

Oscar: Best Actor in a Leading Role, Scent of a Woman
Razzie: Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Screen Couple, Jack and Jill

It's not personal, Al, it's strictly business! That's right, the Godfather himself is the prestigious winner of both an Oscar (with another seven nominations to his name), as well two Razzies for Jack and Jill, that movie where Adam Sandler plays both the lead roles. It went exactly as well as could be expected!

Nicole Kidman

Oscar: Best Actress in a Leading Role, The Hours
Razzie: Worst Actress, Bewitched

In 2019, it really feels like Nicole Kidman can do no wrong in her career. She's been on a huge winning streak for her work on Big Little Lies, and before that she snagged her fourth Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in Lion.

Still, there was that weird post-Oscar time in Nicole's career where she made some... interesting choices, which included remakes to both Bewitched and The Stepford Wives. The former scored our Nicole a Razzie! Legends only, we stan, our queen of clapping forever.

Eddie Redmayne

Oscar: Best Actor in a Leading Role, The Theory of Everything
Razzie: Worst Supporting Actor, Jupiter Ascending

Winning an Oscar in 2015 and nominated for a second the very next year for his work in The Danish Girl, Eddie's career trajectory took a swift turn in 2017 when he suddenly found himself the winner of a Razzie.

Ben Affleck

Oscars: Best Original Screenplay, Good Will Hunting (with Matt Damon), Best Picture, Argo
Razzies: A collective Worst Actor award for Daredevil, Gigli and Paycheck, all released in 2003, and Worst Onscreen Combo for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Henry Cavill.

Hollywood's saddest superhero has truly seen some high highs and low lows across the course of his career. After kicking things off with a bang at the 1998 Oscars, Ben's career took a real dip in the early noughties, so much so that he won a Razzie for being the worst actor, but they couldn't pick a single film to award it for, so it's for three films released that year. Sad!

Then, Ben turned it all around and won himself Best Picture for Argo, only to take another dive with the release of Batman Vs Superman. Don't count him out just yet, though. We're sure there's another upswing just around the corner.

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