The Academy Remains The Pettiest B***h You Know

There are plenty of reasons to consider the Academy petty.

For one, I think WE ALL remember how many times they snubbed poor Leo DiCaprio in his quest to get an Oscar -- the dude literally had to get f**ked up by a bear and nearly die in freezing filming conditions to finally earn his Best Actor award for The Revenant.

Meanwhile, poor, gracious Amy Adams is consistently overlooked, despite being flawless in every film she stars in????? It's very rude!

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Anyway, today in "The Oscars are petty b***hes who live for drama", The Hollywood Reporter has reported (that's their job! Ha!) that The Academy is refusing to let anyone who presented at the Golden Globes present at the Oscars ceremony.

A source told THR that while the Academy stunt queens have done this "for years",  they "used to be able to have Dick Clark Productions or NBC smooth things over", which would then allow stars to present awards at both ceremonies.

Apparently, The Academy has had ENOUGH this year, though, and is now getting A-Listers to choose between Hollywood's night of nights, and the... other night of nights? The fun, drunk version of the Oscars??? Anyway, they're like:

According to the report, Margot Robbie is one of the stars who turned down the Globes in hopes of presenting at the Oscars, instead. A power move!

Anyway, this drama is only just getting started, according to a production source, who said to THR:  "It's only going to get worse next year when the Oscars move up their date on the calendar [to Feb. 9, 2020]."

Can't wait!

Feature image: Getty Images