'Bad Movie Tropes' Is The Latest Meme Doing The Rounds On Twitter

One professor has kicked off Twitter's latest LOLfest after pointing out a common crappy movie trope that seems to exist in practically every movie and TV show, and it wasn't long before others joined in.

Twitter user and college professor Rory Turnbull started things off with his own observation of how professors seem to be portrayed in TV and film. And look, he's not wrong...

Indiana Jones, we're looking at you.

Throw in regularly purchasing v. expensive Manolo Blahniks and you've got Carrie Bradshaw to a T.

Basically, the entire movie Hackers, as well as TV shows Bones, CSI, NCIS, JAG and Doctor Who... you get the idea.

Seinfeld took a jab at this trope in a pretty hilarious way in season 5 episode 'The Lip Reader.' Plus, they actually used an actual deaf actor, Marlee Matlin.

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The old 'black best friend' trope is well-known and unfortunately is still prevalent across film and television. Think Bubba in Forrest Gump, Lavender in Matilda, and Dionne in Clueless. Though, more recently there's been a rise in shows poking fun of this tired trope, such as 30 Rock, Seinfeld, and Scrubs. 

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Ah yes, beakers, hydrochloric acid, theories, hypothesis. I have no idea what I'm talking about. 

Sadly, this is another one we see way too often, and not just for women -- the 'fat best friend' trope is hugely common for male characters, too.

"Barkeep! Gimme the usual!" said the character drowning his sorrows alone in a bar in every single movie, ever.

Now THIS is a trope I'm totally fine with seeing purely for the slapstick factor.

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