'Can't Hear, Can't Speak, Can't See' Is The Latest Meme To Come From ‘Bird Box’

Fans couldn't help but notice the similarities between 'Bird Box', 'A Quiet Place' and 'Hush' -- and thus a meme was born.

The Netflix Original flick that stars icon Sandra Bullock tells the story of survivors trying to avoid malevolent entities that force anyone who sees them to violently take their own life. So how do you our characters steer clear of these mysterious beings? Blindfolds, of course!

And while the movie has been a huge success -- it broke Netflix's record for most viewers in a single week at a staggering 45 million watches -- movie buffs have noted that the entire premise of the film is awfully similar to that of A Quiet Place and Hush.

While Bird Box focuses on the idea of the protagonist having no sight in order to survive, the John Krasinski-directed A Quiet Place revolves around the characters not being able to speak or risk similar entities killing them, while Hush's main character Maddie is unable to hear OR speak while trying to escape a masked killer.

So of course, like all things in this crazy socially-driven world we live in, it received the meme treatment. 

Check out some of the most lol-worthy ones below!

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