Bird Box Is Proof Sandra Bullock Can Carry Anything

Evil unseen forces aren't the worst thing Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock has to put up with right now.

The star of Netflix's hit new feature has been labelled "the lady from Bird Box" by disrespectful youths online.

Yes, amid the many, many incredible Bird Box memes are a few tweets describing the Miss Congeniality star as "the lady".

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Obviously, folks were quick to defend Sandy B from this monstrous slight.

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In case you haven't seen it yet Bird Box stars Bullock as Malorie, a woman who survives some terrible event that -- when looked at -- takes the form of people's greatest fear and drives them to die by suicide.

The film is a tense thriller that has been compared to similar movies like A Quiet Place and Hush as well as The Happening.

Bird Box packs a wallop, there are some tense moments and some great twists but the hefty 124-minute run time is an albatross around Bullock's neck (this is a bird pun).

The terrifying unseeable evil in the film is ultimately let down by the inevitable climax of the action and the payoff feels like we got shortchanged.

But throughout the entire feature, Bullock serves a strong performance, covering vulnerability, strength and heartache -- all while stuffing budgies in a shoe box.

The film sees Bullock starring alongside Trevante Rhodes (who is exceptional), John Malkovich, Australia's own Danielle Macdonald and Jacki Weaver, BD Wong and Sarah Paulson.

Bullock is so watchable, even when grappling with otherwise absurd storylines and ~otherworldy~ costars (the wind? whispering voices?)

It's out now on Netflix... just make sure you pay your respects to Ms Sandra Motherf**kin' Bullock.

Bird Box is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured image: Netflix.