Netflix Drops Chilling Trailer For Black Mirror Movie 'Bandersnatch'

If you've ever struggled with picking what to watch on Netflix, get ready to have that anxiety amplified big time with 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch'.

A day before the self-described "Black Mirror event" launched on the streaming platform we got a bit more info into the upcoming feature-length addition to the anthology series.

There was a lot of mystery around the project, but a few online sleuths ironed out some of the details and it looks like they were pretty spot-on.

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Set in 1984, Bandersnatch follows a young programmer who begins to question his own reality as he attempts to adapt a fantasy novel into a video game.

Black Mirror Bandersnatch
Credit: Netflix / Black Mirror

Not only that but it's been rumoured to be the big choose your own adventure project Netflix has been teasing.

Yep, you get to choose the terrible course the young man's life can take! Bleak and fun!!!

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While the run time will be around 90 minutes, there's apparently over 300 minutes of content you can access via the decisions you make in the episode. Netflix has tested CYOA content already with several programs targeted at kids, but this is the first time the interactive style will be put to the test with a major title aimed at a wider audience.

Bandersnatch stars Fionn Whitehead as Stefan alongside Alice Lowe, Asim Chaudhry and Will Poulter and it arrives on Netflix on Friday, December 28.

Featured image: Netflix / Supplied.