The Spider-Man Christmas Record Is A Thing That Exists Now

Spider-Man has joined the likes of Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, and Bing Crosby and recorded his very own Christmas album.

The festive musical masterpiece is called A Very Spidey Christmas and includes spidery updates to Christmas classics including "Deck The Halls" and "Joy To The World".

"Joy to the world, that I just saved," Spider-Man sings on the EP that features vocals from actors Shameik Moore, Chris Pine, Jorma Taccone and Jake Johnson.

The new record basically replaces a bunch of Christmas lyrics with the words 'Spidey', 'web' and references to fighting crime in NYC. It's the perfect soundtrack for anyone who loves Spider-Man and Christmas carols.

"Oh, Spidey-bells, spidey- bells,  swinging through midtown. Oh, what fun to sling a web and take the bad guys down!" sings Pine on the album. 

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A Very Spidey Christmas was briefly featured as a post-credit surprise on Into The Spider-Verse and fans are beyond excited that Sony has now released the songs in full.

And while the new EP is a Christmas release, it also raises some important points about the lack of paychecks Spider-Man is receiving for saving the damn world so often.

"Joy to the world I keep saving / Maybe I could get paid? / I saved you all again, this time from the Kingpin /And literally, I don’t get paid/Kinda weird I don’t get paid / I make my own web fluid and it’s …not free, okay?

Which seems like an entirely fair point, tbh.

The EP is available on Spotify and Apple Music if you need some tunes to jazz up your Christmas playlist or just want to hear about Spidey's wage woes.

Main Image: Sony.